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HI Southparkfan!

Can you pass along these two requests to Miraheze Stewards? The Miraheze Stewards noticeboard isn't creating new topics properly, so your help would be appreciated.

For the Valentina wiki (

1. Add user 'Ronanletiec' as a Bureaucrat/Administrator

2. Remove user 'Dismine' as Bureaucrat/Administrator and block his account and IP Background: User 'Dismine' officially resigned from our project, then removed me from my account at Bitbucket which contained our repos, made his own forks, then deleted our repos. (Atlassian restored the code to us, Atlassian's support ticket for this is # BBS-62101.). His actions were destructive and without warning. I believe that he may do something similar to our wiki, as it has recently received increased user interest and updates.

[edit source]

Here is Dismine/Roman's public announcement that he left the project: "I am leaving the project - Valentina Forum Hi everyone, This is important announce. I am leaving my maintainer position because of personal reasons. If you wish to be a maintainer instead of me please contact"

[edit source]

Here is screenshot of email from Atlassian informing us that Dismine/Roman deleted our code repo (which they restored to us!)


Thanks for helping with this issue!

Susan Spencer Co-founder, Product Manager, Valentina/Seamly2D (

Done! Thank you for verification :) Southparkfan (talk) 17:02, 23 November 2017 (UTC)