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    Working with Arcs[edit | edit source]

    The tools described in this section have been designed to create the arcs required in some conditions. Such conditions can be different, for example distance or angle, parents positions, etc.

    While I am giving a brief explanation of how to use the tools, I am by no means expert in their use and you will have to explore them for a deeper understanding of the intricate power of these tools that will unleash a new world of opportunities in your creativity.

    Ga0001.jpg Tool Arc[edit | edit source]

    Click on the point that you’d like to have at the centre of your arc and the following pops up where you can enter the dimensions you require:


    I have used direct values to illustrate this tool, however, you may use presets created while creating your pattern piece.

    Radius is the distance from your centre point (A12) The first angle is the start position where you'd like your curve to start. I have used 45 degrees but one can use the angle between two lines.

    The second angle is the end position where you'd like your curve to end. I have used 90 degrees. Below is an example of where the 1st angle is 90 and the 2nd is 45:


    Ga0002.jpg Tool Segment of Arc[edit | edit source]

    This tool will place a point at any point along an arc. Select the arc and specify where you'd like the point. In this case, I selected the arc created above and chose to place a point 1 third of the way along the arc.


    Ga0003.jpg Tool Point Intersect Arc and Axis[edit | edit source]

    This tool will place a point where an arc intersects with an axis. Select the arc and then the axis point or formula.

    Ga0012.jpg Ga0013.jpg

    Ga0004.jpg Tool Point of Intersection Arcs[edit | edit source]

    Click on the 1st arc and then on the 2nd arc which you would like a point at the intersection). You will then be able to choose whether you'd like the 1st intersection or the 2nd intersection.

    Ga0014.jpg Ga0015.jpg

    Ga0005.jpg Tool Point of Intersection Circles[edit | edit source]

    This tool will create 2 circles that will remain invisible in your actual pattern piece and is used to create a point where the 2 circles intersect. Again, one can choose the 1st or 2nd intersection.

    Select the 1st point that will form the centre of the 1st circle, and then the point that will for the centre of the 2nd circle. In the Tool Options on the right side, you may enter the length of the radius of the circles as in the 2nd image.

    As you can see in the 3rd image, in the pattern piece, the point (A27) appears to be disconnected to any lines until you join lines to it.

    Ga0016.jpg Ga0017.jpg Ga0018.jpg

    Ga0006.jpg Tool Point from Circle and Tangent[edit | edit source]

    First select the point where your tangent will start and then the point of the centre of your cicle. Enter the radius size, either by numbers or formula, and click on ok. Once again, you will be able to choose between the 2 points on the right in the Tool Options.


    Ga0007.jpg Tool Point from Arc and Tangent[edit | edit source]

    Choose the point at the start of the tangent and then the arc. Invisible lines will be made to meet the curve and a point will be placed there. Once again, you may choose the 1st or 2nd point in the Tool Options.


    Ga0008.jpg Tool Arc with Given Length[edit | edit source]

    Select the point of the centre of your radius, enter the length of radius (either in numbers or formula), the starting degrees and the length of the line of the curve. Click on 'Ok'.