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Keyboard Shortcuts[edit | edit source]

Seamly2D provides various keyboard shortcuts to speed up your process of creation pattern.

The list is still not completed and will be extended in future. Also a keyboard shortcut might also conflict with a shortcut that a Window manager uses for its own purposes. In that case, Seamly2D shortcuts do not work. On some system in application based on Qt keyboard shortcuts can do not work too.

Action Keyboard shortcut
New file Ctrl+N
New pattern piece Ctrl+Shift+N
Open SeamlyMe Ctrl+M
Save Ctrl+S
Save all Ctrl+Shift+S
Export pattern (layout) Ctrl E, L
History Ctrl + H
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + -
Fit All Ctrl + =
Previous Ctrl + Left <-
Fit to Selected Ctrl + Right ->
Zoom 1:1 Ctrl + 0
Zoom to Area Ctrl + A
Drag/Pan Tool Z P
Show Point Text V, P
Increase Text Size Ctrl + ]
Decrease Text Size Ctrl + [
Use Tool Color T
Toggle Wireframe V, W
Toggle Curve ControlPoints V, C
Toggle Axis Origin V, A
Toggle Scrollbars V, S
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Table of variables Ctrl + T
Delete selected item Del
Exit Seamly2D Ctrl+Q
Activate last used tool L

Mouse Shortcuts[edit | edit source]

Action Keyboard shortcut
Zoom In Ctrl+Scroll up
Zoom Out Ctrl+Scroll down
Drag Middle mouse button