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    Books[edit | edit source]

    There are lots of patternmaking books to learn how to make patterns. Seamly2D and SeamlyMe allows you to enter the formulas from these patternmaking books, with a few tweaks.

    Here is a list you may find useful in learning the craft:

    1. Winifred Aldrich
      1. Metric Pattern Cutting for Women's Wear
      2. Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear
      3. Metric Pattern Cutting for Children's Wear and Babywear
    2. Natalie Bray
      1. Dress Pattern Designing: The Basic Principles of Cut and Fit
      2. More Dress Pattern Designing
      3. Dress Fitting: Basic Principles and Practice
    3. Bunka Fashion College
      1. Textbook 1: Fundamentals of Garment Design (Japanese and English translation)
      2. Textbook 2: Skirts and Pants (Japanese and English translation)
      3. Textbook 3: Blouses and Dresses (Japanese and English translation)
      4. Textbook 4: Jackets and Vests (Japanese and English translation)
    4. Helen Joseph-Armstrong
      1. Patternmaking for Fashion Design
    5. Lori A. Knowles
      1. Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Fashion Designers: Menswear
      2. Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Fashion Designers: Juniors, Misses and Women
    6. Lucia Mors de Castro
      1. Patternmaking in Fashion (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian translations)
      2. Patternmaking in Practice (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian translations)
    7. M. Muller & Sohn
      1. Schnittkonstruktionen fuer Kleider und Blusen (Dresses and Blouses) (German)
      2. Schnittkonstruktionen fuer Roecke und Hosen (Skirts and Trousers) (German and English translation)
      3. Schnittkonstruktionen fuer Jacken und Maentel (Jackets and Coats) (German and Enlish translation)
      4. HAKA Schnittkonstruktionen 1 Sakkos und Westen (Jackets and Vests) (German)
      5. HAKA Schnittkonstruktionen 2 Sakkos (Jackets) (German)
      6. HEMDEN Schnitttechnik (Shirts) (German)
      7. HAKA Schnittkonstruktionen Hosen (Trousers) (German)
    8. Vittorina Rolfo, Ernestine Kopp, Lee Gross and Beatrice Zelin
      1. Designing Apparel Through the Flat Pattern
    9. Teresa Gilewska (Eyrolles)
      1. Le modélisme de mode - Volume 1 à 7 — Édition Eyrolles (French)
      2. Schnittkonstruktion in der Mode: Herrenkleidung: Zuschneiden und Zusammennähen (Menswear) (German)
    10. Don McCunn
      1. How to Make Sewing Patterns (Skirts, Pants, Bodice and Sleeves; Pattern Alteration; Garment Design) (English)
      2. How to Make a Custom-Fit Slopers (English) (EBOOK with videos)
      3. How to Make a Custom Dress Form (English) (EBOOK with videos)
      4. How to Make Bust Sling Bras (English) (EBOOK with videos)
      5. How to Make Custom-Fit Corsets (English) (EBOOK with videos)
      6. An Introduction to Pattern Design (English) (EBOOK with videos)
      7. How to Make Custom-Fit Bras (English) (EBOOK with videos)
      8. How to Make Bikinis & Bandeaux (English) (EBOOK with videos)
      9. Patterns for Fashion Dolls(English) (EBOOK with videos)
    11. Édition Esmod (International Fashion Design School)
      1. Collection Devenir modéliste / Become a pattern drafter Book Series — Claire Wargnier (Français / English)
    12. Antonio donnanno et al,
      1. Fashion Patternmaking Techniques in 3 Vols. (en) ; Vol 1 (2014) ISBN-13: 978-8415967095 ; Vol 2 (2014) ISBN-13: 978-8415967682; Vol 3 (2014) ISBN-13: 978-8416504183
      2. TECNICA DEI MODELLI - (Itallian); Vol 1 ISBN-13: 978-8889628102; Vol 2  ; Vol 3 and others.
    13. Jutta Jansen & Claire Rüdiger
      1. Systemschnitt 1: Modeschnitte für Röcke, Blusen, Hemden, Jacken, Hosen. Über 100 Schnitte (German)
      2. Systemschnitt 2: Modeschnitte für Mäntel, Parkas, Bademoden, Kinderbekleidung. Über 100 Schnitte (German)

    Online instruction[edit | edit source]

    The following is a list of free online sources for patternmaking instruction.

    1. Leena's Pattern Drafting Lessons This site is frequently down and the server times out. When the site is available it does contain good reference material on basic patternmaking techniques.
    2. Pattern Design Guides – Notes by Don McCunn The notes section of this website provides supplemental information that is intended to be used with Mr. McCunn's books or ebooks.
    3. This website contains many resources for costume making, and has the following statement about their fair use policy:

      "Unless otherwise noted, everything you see here is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 (United States). Be cool, ok? Sempstress runs happily on WordPress , using her own little home-brew theme. Thanks for stopping by!"

      This website provides many resources on pattern drafting. The method used on this website does not use measurements, but it would be easy to use the method and substitute measurements for the physical pieces of velcrow used to model the human body.
      1. Printer Friendly Version of the Mathless Draft This is an example from that site of a downloadable chart describing the method of drafting a bodice.
      2. How Pants Work This is a tutorial on drafting pants.

    Blogs[edit | edit source]

    1. Fashion-Incubator

    Historical[edit | edit source]

    (The following are included as they contain patterns for historical periods, or styles, typically the late 19th century, and early 20th century )

    The following page forming part of the Siam costumes site has links to several period works on pattern drafting (and as it was termed at the time "cutting"):

    William D.F Vincent.(1860-1925)[edit | edit source]

    William D.F. Vincent was a tailor and later contributor and editor to a number of works on genetleman's tailoring and garment cutting. Works incorporating his authorship and guidance are still highly regarded.

    • "A Beginners First Course In Cutting, Part I & II" by Vincent, W. D. F (William D. F. (1860-1925) published c. 1900, by the John Williamson Company, London. Scanned version available at :
    • " Vincent's systems of cutting all kinds of tailor-made garments : part 1 : dealing with the cutting of various styles of trousers, breeches, knickers, pantaloons, leggings and gaiters, and waistcoats" by Vincent, W. D. F (William D. F. (1860-1925), published in 1903. by the John Williamson Company ,London. Scanned Version available at (Also contains other parts dealing with various other topics like Jackets, Ladies Garments, Defects etc.)
    • "The Cutters Practical Guide",

    Others[edit | edit source]

    • "A history of costume", Kohler, Karl ; Sichart, Emma von; Dallas, Alexander K. (Alexander Kennedy), b. 1867; (c. 1928?). (Note: This appears to have been reprinted a number of times so pinning down a definitive date of publication isn't easy. The scanned version at ( has a copyright date of 1928. ). Includes rough patterns for various periods up to the mid 19th century, patterns given in digram form have sample measures, so some knowledge of how to interpret the pattern drafts, to change the measures is needed.