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    Draw Mode[edit | edit source]

    Seamly is an open-source software designed for clothing patterns, more specifically - at the moment - slopers, which must be adjusted for both seam allowances and "ease", the amount of extra space needed by a particular fabric.

    The Draw Mode is designed to allow easy adjustment of a pattern to suit particular wearers. It is therefore entirely formula-based, where the simplest formula is a set figure.

    Overview[edit | edit source]

    A pattern is a collection of pieces, prepared individually. Drawing a pattern starts from a reference point. Construction lines are defined from there, until sewing lines are defined. Most lines are defined by one or more points, and occasionally angles. These are measured anti-clockwise from 0 degrees = horizontal to the right. It is generally easiest to sketch in the line approximately first, and then refine it using the parameters box displayed by double-clicking on the appropriate element. Notches, text, grain and other items are added after you have traced the outline of the pattern with the Workpiece tool.

    Tools[edit | edit source]

    Creating a Pattern[edit | edit source]

        1. Pattern Properties
        2. Pattern Measurement File
        3. Pattern Variables
      1. Drafting Patterns in Draw Mode
        1. Overview
        2. Create a Draft piece
          1. Create Objects with Formulas
          2. Group Operations on Objects
            1. Rotation (Slash and Spread)
            2. Mirroring (Symmetry)
            3. Copy and Move
        3. Create a Detail piece
        4. Undoing actions and Deleting objects
        5. Saving Patterns
        6. Sharing Patterns