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    Creating Patterns in Draw Mode[edit | edit source]

    This section explains how to create and draft patterns in Draw Mode.

    Overview[edit | edit source]

    Warning: Understanding this section requires previous knowledge of pattern making techniques.
    If you are new to patternmaking, we recommend you first start with the instructional material listed in the Patternmaking References section.

    At this stage, you draw points, lines, curves and arcs to draft your pattern pieces. Any objects you draw as guides, but which are not part of the final pattern, can be excluded from the workpieces on the next stage.

    Creating Drawings[edit | edit source]

    Tables of variables[edit | edit source]

    Increments[edit | edit source]

    Lines, Arcs, Curves[edit | edit source]

    Formula creation[edit | edit source]

    Pattern pieces[edit | edit source]

    Points, Lines, Curves and Arcs[edit | edit source]

    Labels[edit | edit source]

    Modifying Objects[edit | edit source]

    Shaping curves[edit | edit source]

    Deleting Objects[edit | edit source]

    Tools for creating drawings[edit | edit source]

    Zoom[edit | edit source]

    Points[edit | edit source]

    Lines[edit | edit source]

    Curves[edit | edit source]

    Arcs[edit | edit source]

    Moving objects[edit | edit source]