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In some patternmaking systems, some measurements are halved. 'Back shoulder width' sometimes means the distance from shoulder tip to shoulder tip across the back, sometimes it means half this measurement. Some patternmaking systems define 'knee girth' to mean the circumference around the knee with a straight leg, some systems define it as the circumference around the knee with a bent leg. A similar situation occurs with the elbow and arm length measurements, some use a straight arm and some use a bent arm.
=== ЯзыкиLanguages ===
Valentina is being translated into [https://www.transifex.com/valentina/valentina-project/ 30+ languages]. The translations between languages isn't always straightforward. Measurement names frequently are rooted in idioms and traditions and are not easily translated.
Valentina сейчас в процессе перевода [https://www.transifex.com/valentina/valentina-project/ более чем на 15 языков]. Перевод с одного языка на другой - это не всегда просто. Названия мерок часто формируются на основании идиом и традиционных для той или иной страны выражений. Это сильно затрудняет процесс.
== What to do? ==
To contribute to the discussion on measurements, post your comments to the [http://forum.valentina-project.org/ forum].
== Measurement Image and Download ==
* View [[Measurement Diagram]]
To download the measurements file, click here: [https://bitbucket.org/dismine/valentina/downloads/measurement-body-diagram_20160407.svg the last diagram]. To download a PDF which shows the names for each measurement, click here: [https://bitbucket.org/dismine/valentina/downloads/RPT_4_mno_mdesc_20151010.pdf Measurements list].
* Download [https://bitbucket.org/dismine/valentina/downloads/measurement-body-diagram_20160407.svg%20the%20last%20diagram Measurement Diagram (SVG)].
* Download [https://bitbucket.org/dismine/valentina/downloads/RPT_4_mno_mdesc_20151010.pdf Measurement List (PDF)].
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