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'''Latest News'''
<div class="boxContent" style="text-align:CenterLeft;color:Black;background:White;">
<li>[https://seamly.net 1507 NovemberFebruary 20202021 - AutomatedSeamly2D weekly& buildsSeamlyMe forruns on Windows, Linux10, and[https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/macos.html Mac areOS availableHigh eachSierra Monday10.13 forand downloadlater], fromand '''https://seamlyLinux Debian kernel version v5.net''']0 and later. </li>
<li>15 November 2020 - Automated weekly builds for Windows, Linux, and Mac are available each Monday for download from [https://seamly.net '''https://seamly.net''']</li>
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