Pattern File Specification

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    Abstract[edit | edit source]

    1. Introduction[edit | edit source]

    Uses text-based, XML format because it is widely adopted, platform-independent, and self-describing.

    1.1. Background[edit | edit source]

    1.2. Audience[edit | edit source]

    1.3. Scope[edit | edit source]

    1.4. History[edit | edit source]

    1.5. Design Notes[edit | edit source]

    1.7. Structure of this specification[edit | edit source]

    :[edit | edit source]

    :[edit | edit source]

    Variables:[edit | edit source]

    Header:[edit | edit source]

    Variable Value Description
    AttrBase "base" "Base size.[?]"
    AttrDescription "description" "description"
    AttrFullName "full_name" "full_name"
    AttrHeightIncrease "height_increase" "height_increase"
    AttrName "name" "name"
    AttrSizeIncrease "size_increase" "size_increase"
    AttrValue "value" "value"
    GenderFemale "female" "female"
    GenderMale "male" "male"
    GenderUnknown "unknown" "unknown"

    Body:[edit | edit source]

    Variable Value Description
    TagBirthDate "birth-date" "birth-date"
    TagBodyMeasurements "body-measurements" "body-measurements"
    TagEmail "email" "email"
    TagFamilyName "family-name" "family-name"
    TagGender "gender" "gender"
    TagGivenName "given-name" "given-name"
    TagHeight "height" "height"
    TagMeasurement "m" "m"
    TagNotes "notes" "notes"
    TagPMSystem "pm_system" "pm_system"
    TagPersonal "personal" "personal"
    TagReadOnly "read-only" "read-only"
    TagSize "size" "size"
    TagVIT "vit" "vit"
    TagVST "vst" "vst"

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