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McCunn Patternmaking System[edit | edit source]

Don McCunn has written books defining a system for drafting sewing patterns. In addition, he maintains a presence on the internet through forums and the sale of Ebooks. The Ebooks are a combination of text and downloadable video instruction that he developed as part of on line classes the he taught until 2010. This wiki page discusses how to implement Don McCunn's patternmaking system. Additional instruction on his method may be found in his published material, including How to Make Sewing Patterns, 2nd Edition, 2016

McCunn Measurements[edit | edit source]

  • McCunn's measurement set

This table provides a mapping of the measurements in the McCunn method to those in the Seamly2D.

How to Make Sewing Patterns by Don McCunn Seamly2D
1977 Revised Edition


2010 Ebook

2016 Second Edition SeamlyMe version
These are standard Seamly2D measurements that need to be taken

as a basis to derive some of the measurements required by the

McCunn method

A05 height_waist_side

A08 height_knee

A09 height_calf

A11 height_ankle

A13 height_waist_front

1) Neck 1) Neck G02 neck_circ
2) Neck Width 2) Neck Width I14 neck_width
3) Shoulder Width 3) Shoulder Width I07 shoulder_tip_to_shoulder_tip_b
4) Chest (M) 5) Chest (M) G04 bust_circ
5) Upper Chest (W) 4) Above Bust (W) G03 highbust_circ
6) Bust Full (W) 6) Bust (W) G04 bust_circ
7) Bust, front (W) G12 bust_arc_f
8) Bust, back (W) G28 bust_arc_b
9) Bust to Bust (W) 7) Bust to Bust (W) J01 bustpoint_to_bustpoint
10) Rib Cage (W) 8) Rib Cage (W) G05 rib_circ
11) Waist 9) Waist G07 waist_circ
12) Biceps 10) Biceps L12 arm_above_elbow_circ
13) Wrist 11) Wrist L15 arm_wrist_circ
14) Palm 12) Palm D04 hand_palm_circ
15) Hips 13) Hips G09 hip_circ
16) Thigh 14) Thigh M03 leg_thigh_upper_circ
17) Leg Width 15) Leg Width @leg_width = leg_thigh_circ / pi
18) Knee 18) Knee M05 leg_knee_circ
17) Calf M07 leg_calf_circ
18) Ankle M09 leg_ankle_circ
19) Heel M11 leg_ankle_diag_circ
20) Center Front to Waist 20) Center Front to Waist H01 neck_front_to_waist_f
21) Center Front to Rib Cage (W) 21) Center Front to Rib Cage (W) @center_front_to_lowbust = (H01 neck_front_to_waist_f - H11 lowbust_to_waist_f)
22) Center Front to Knee (W) 22) Center Front to Knee @center_front_to_knee = (A16 height_neck_front - A08 height_knee)
23) Center Front to Floor (W) 23) Center Front to Floor A16 height_neck_front
24) Side Front to Bust (W) 24) Side Front to Bust (W) H14 neck_side_to_bust_f
25) Side Front to Rib Cage (W) @side_front_to_rib_cage = (H05 neck_side_to_waist - H12 rib_to_waist_side)
25) Side Front to Waist 26) Side Front to Waist H05 neck_side_to_waist_f
26) Bust to Shoulder (W) 27) Bust to Shoulder (W) J07 bustpoint_to_shoulder_tip
27) Center Front Waist to Shoulder (M) 28) Center Front Waist to Shoulder (M) K01 shoulder_tip_to_waist_front
28) Center Back 29) Center Back H19 neck_back_to_waist_b
29) Side Back 30) Side Back H18 neck_side_to_waist_b
30) Center Back/Waist to Shoulder 31) Center Back/Waist to Shoulder K04 shoulder_tip_to_waist_back
31) Armpit to Waist 32) Armpit to Waist H03 armpit_to_waist_side
32) Arm Length 33) Arm Length L01 arm_shoulder_tip_to_wrist_bent
33) Shoulder to Elbow 34) Shoulder to Elbow L02 arm_shoulder_tip_to_elbow_bent
34) Sleeve Cap 35) Sleeve Cap L16 arm_shoulder_tip_to_armfold_line
35) Waist to Hips 36) Waist to Hips H31 waist_to_hip_side
36) Waist to Knee 37) Waist to Knee A19 height_waist_side_to_knee
38) Waist to Calf @waist_to_calf = (A23 waist_to_floor - A09 height_calf)
39) Waist to Ankle @waist_to_ankle = (A23 waist_to_floor - A11 height_ankle)
37) Waist to Floor 40) Waist to Floor A23 waist_to_floor
38) Inseam 41) Inseam M01 leg_crotch_to_floor
39) Crotch Depth 42) Crotch Depth N04 rise_length_side__sitting
(W) measurements taken for women only

(M) measurements taken for men only

BOLD indicates the Seamly2D numbering system

@ indicates a custom variable name

  • How to take McCunn Measurements

McCunn Basic Blocks[edit | edit source]