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About Us

Princess Seam dress block

Seamly2D (pattern drafting) and SeamlyMe (body measurements) enable patternmakers and tailors to create custom-fit digital sewing patterns.
Join the discussion with our friendly global user community on our Forum in any language you wish.

Seamly2D and SeamlyMe are released under the GPLv3+ license as free and open-source software, downloadable from the Seamly website.
You have the right to use, sell, share, and distribute your patterns in any way you wish.

Latest News

  • 07 February 2021 - Seamly2D & SeamlyMe runs on Windows 10, Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 and later, and Linux Debian kernel version v5.0 and later.
  • 15 November 2020 - Automated weekly builds for Windows, Linux, and Mac are available each Monday for download from