Hacking:Preparation to release

    From Seamly2D

    This document contain steps for preparation to release. Because release doesn't happens every day it is hard to remember all steps. And take many time to remember all again. Hope this document will make creation new release less painful.

    This is deprecated

    • Update version in files src/app/version.h and scr/app/version.cpp.
    • Update file ChangeLog.txt.
    • Update page Changes.
    • Update file http://valentinaproject.bitbucket.org/Appcast.xml.
    • Download translation from Transifex. Don't forget use script scripts/lupdate.sh.
    • Update app version for creation deb packages. See file dist/debian/changelog. Don't forget to push changes to launchpad repository.
    • Update app version for creation rpm packages. See files dist/rpm/_service and dist/rpm/valentina.spec.
    • Update version inside info.plist files.
    • Use command hg tag vx.x.x for making a tag.
    • Set current branch (default) master. Use command hg bookmark -f master.
    • Push to Github. hg push -f github.
    • Change revision number in recipe creating a stable deb package.
    • Uncomment strings for enabling code signing on Windows.
    • Update description on https://www.linux-apps.com.