Google Season of Docs 2019

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Seamly2D applied for Google's Season of Docs 2019! [edit | edit source]

This page is intended to invite community members and technical writers to add project ideas and comments.

Latest news: We did not get enough Seamly2D admin signatures to qualify our organization for this program. If you would like to work with Google programs for Seamly2D in the future, please send email to

Seamly's background info[edit | edit source]

 * software name: Seamly2D
 * software description: Open source pattern design software, GPLv3
 * code repo:
 * website:
 * wiki:
 * forum:
 * contact:

Season of Docs 2019 Project ideas[edit | edit source]

Project idea name: Update the user manual

Project idea description:

  1. Review & update the existing user manual
  2. The manual format and platform should be easy to update. The technical writer can determine the platform. Possible options: Create the manual in the wiki where it can be localized and exported in various formats, or create it as an online document available from our website and as links in the code.
  3. Can be written in English for later localization
  4. The manual should include:
    1. descriptions and screenshots of current features
    2. general software workflow description
    3. simple tutorial examples
    4. reference of software features
    5. glossary of terms

Note: Much of this information currently is available on the forum and in this wiki. Many screenshots, descriptions, tutorials and short videos already exist. A quick response time to the technical writer's requests for screenshots, descriptions, etc. is expected, as the user community is friendly and active, and the mentors have easy availability.