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    Working with section Line[edit | edit source]

    Up until now, we’ve been working with tools to place points and we’ve had the choice to include lines. However, a lot of the time, if we add lines, our design gets very messy with a multitude of lines that we don’t really use and things become very confusing when actually drafting our pattern layout.

    To avoid this, I either use a dotted line or no line at all.

    Some of the tools, like the True Dart tool, only place the points and we then need to ‘connect the dots’ to get the outline of the pattern piece that we want. This is where Lines, Curves, Arcs and Elliptical Arcs come in.

    GL00001.jpg Tool Line between points[edit | edit source]

    Place your cursor over the label of the point where you’d like your line to start, click, place your cursor over the label of the end point and click. The label will turn green while your cursor is over it.

    GL0003.jpg GL0004.jpg GL00009.jpg GL00010.jpg

    Once you have the line in place, on the right side, you can change the properties of the line.

    GL0005.jpg GL0006.jpg

    Continue in the same way to draw all the lines that you need to.


    GL00002.jpg Tool Point at line intersection[edit | edit source]

    Select the 1st label of a line and then the 2nd label of the line, then the 1st label of the intersecting line and the 2nd label of the intersecting line. This will place a point with label at the intersection of the 2 lines.


    Note: Where possible, it is easier to click the actual label of the point rather than the point itself.