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Introduction to Tutorials

This section of tutorials is not targeted toward people with extensive patternmaking experience. This section is intended to assist users who may be new to the pattern making process and who are using one of the pattern making systems for which Valentina is designed. Valentina provides many useful features but it does not create a pattern without the appropriate input.

For more detail operation of the Valentina program, please see the User Manual

A list of Patternmaking References is available in the User Manual and this tutorial is intended eventually to contain basic tutorials on creating a simple pattern with each system.

Using Valentina to Create Pattern Blocks

Create a Basic Sloper - Women's Bodice with Sleeves

Bodice Front

Bodice Front Design Variations

Bodice Back

Bodice Back Design Variations

Basic Sleeve

Using McCunn Method to Construct A Basic Sleeve Pattern

Pattern Design Variations (SLEEVE Modifications)

Use Rotate Tool to create Cape Sleeve

Use Rotate Tool to create Bell Sleeve