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 h English (en)<!-- ### INFORMATION FOR DEVELOPERS -->
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'''Information for Developers'''
  <div class="boxContent" style="text-align:Left;color:Black;background:White;">
     <li>[[Hacking:Developer FAQ | Developer FAQ]]</li>
     <li>[[Hacking:Code style conventions | Code style conventions]]</li>
     <li>[[Hacking:Technical decisions | Technical decisions]]</li>
     <li>[[:Hacking:API documentation | API documentation]]</li>
     <li>[[Hacking:Problems and solutions | Problems and solutions]]</li>
     <li>[[Hacking:Making pull requests | Pull requests]]</li>
     <li>[[Hacking:Tools | Development tools and how to use them ]]</li>
     <li>[[Hacking:Source Tree | Finding your way inside the source tree]]</li>
     <li>[[Hacking:Building | What to know before compiling]]</li>
     <li>[[:Hacking:How To Report Seamly2D Bugs | Reporting Bugs ]]</li>
     <li>[[Hacking:Localization | Localization ]]</li>
     <li>[[Hacking:Preparation to release | Preparation to release]]</li>
     <li>[[:Hacking:Adding new tool | Adding new tool]]</li>
     <li>[[Hacking:How to contribute to the project | How to contribute]]</li>
     <li>[[Developer:Crash Reports | Crash Reports]]</li>
     <li>[[Developer:Broken WIKI links | Broken WIKI links]]</li>