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(Blanked the page)
Susan had requested that I put information into the wiki. I understand that what I put in was not formatted perfectly but I would really like to get it back so that I do not have to remember everything that I wrote. I spent nearly 2 hours tonight figuring out how to edit a wiki and I have been communicating with Grace who specifically gave me permission to edit her page. So for these reasons I am confused about why you took my content down. I discovered this a moment ago when I went back to fix my formatting errors and add more content. The remaining content that I want to add is something I have already to provided to Susan and which she had already approved. The content that you took down was a rough draft at how to tie that in to what was already there.
Please let me know why you removed my content, whether you can salvage a copy of what I entered tonight, and when it is safe for me to resume adding content.
thank you
== recovered text of my changes through the wiki change ==
I figured out how to access the history so I have the differences which contain the text that I typed. It would still be great if I did not have to enter it all again.
== Was the content I added on May 8 reverted by a bot? ==
I am still trying to understand whether I did something wrong and figure out how to fix it.
I wonder if what appeared to me to be an arbitrary decision by a human, was really a bot that reverted my changes at 2AM Mon May 9. The only possible thing I may have done to trigger a bot was a minor procedural error. I had not yet learned about the tool "upload file" in the left column on this wiki page. I intended to upload a separate file to be the introduction to this section. I had a line that looked something like [Introduction | Introduction]. I ignored a warning when I previewed the page and saved the content. After logging completely out and closing my browser the content was still there. The warning indicated that I had an undefined external reference. That is what I came back to fix less than 3 hours later and discovered my changes had been reverted.
Could this warning cause a bot to take down the content and revert it? If so, I was affected by unfortunate timing because I made edits at 11PM. I thought I was done for the night and I came back at 230 AM on the 9th to find that my work from May 8th was gone.
I have been looking around on Wikipedia:About the Sandbox and also looking at the information about consensus and changes. I simply can not see any reason why my content should have disappeared.