Block Patterns:McCunn

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Block Patterns : McCunn


Like all patternmaking systems, the McCunn system is defined by the measurements that Don McCunn chose to use. The McCunn system uses inches, but if your measurement file has centimeters and it contains all the measurements used by the McCunn system then SeamlyMe will automatically convert it into inches.

Measurements FileEdit

Here is a sample measurement file for the McCunn system -- McCunn_sample.vit.

Measurements TableEdit

This table lists the measurements used in the McCunn system and maps them to SeamlyMe measurement names:

McCunn Measurement SeamlyMe Measurement SeamlyMe Image
Arm length arm_shoulder_tip_to_wrist_bent L01
Shoulder to Elbow length arm_shoulder_tip_to_elbow_bent L02
Sleevecap length arm_shoulder_tip_to_armfold_line L16
Biceps arm_upper_circ L11
Palm hand_palm_circ D04

Block PatternsEdit

The McCunn block patterns were developed to work with woven fabrics.

Block Patterns TableEdit

Here are the block patterns from the McCunn patternmaking system:

Pattern Type Pattern File (.val) Tutorial page
Sleeve McCunn_basic_sleeve_details.val Block_Patterns:McCunn:Sleeve